Lost Soul Aside Keeps Surprising Us [VIDEO]

Despite the whole thing starting out as a solo passion project made by one person, Lost Soul Aside has grown to be a quite slick and fast-paced action-RPG.

Sony Interactive Entertainment showed Ultizero Games‘ game in Shanghai, at ChinaJoy. We can’t believe that it runs on a PlayStation 4 as the animations are extremely fluid! It’s plausible that the PlayStation’s China Hero Project helped – it is Sony’s initiative to help Chinese developers to make their games available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR.

The eight minutes will be gone in no time. For us, the gameplay didn’t feel like eight minutes at all, and it explains how much Lost Soul Aside feels like a potential success. An issue, though, is still present: there’s no information about a release window.

Lost Soul Aside might be a cross-gen game at this point. We wouldn’t be surprised if it came out on PlayStation 5, too.

Source: DualShockers

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