Elon Musk: “Twitter is the Dark Souls of social networks.”

Funny comparisons of the South African tycoon, who also joked with buying Fortnite to close it.

Elon Musk‘s activity on social networks is currently, perhaps as numerous as the number of millions of his current account. Therefore, and joining his well-known hobby to video games, the South African investor and mogul left some curious statements where he made a simile of each of these platforms with some of the most successful releases of recent years.

Twitter is the Dark Souls of social networks, Reddit is Bloodborne, Zelda is Instagram“, he explained in the first of these platforms without explaining the reason for which choice. However, his words had a quick echo with more than 35,000 retweets, 160,000 likes and even the invitation of Geoff Keighley, presenter of The Game Awards 2018, to take him to this year’s event.

It is not the only pronouncement of the co-founder of SpaceX or Tesla among others company. Recently he also tweeted, and joked about making it a reality, a fake news story that stated that he had bought Fortnite‘s license to close it and “save youth from an eternal virginity.” Likewise, it is a constant subject of user requests to finance different video games such as Half-Life 3.

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