Bethesda Helped A Fan With A Proposal! [VIDEO]

Although Bethesda is currently under heavy fire (as Fallout 76 is far from what we expected it to be – see the second embedded video below, showing several glitches…), but they helped a fan before the game launched.

Back in September, we wrote about how a gamer tried to propose his girlfriend via Spider-Man, only to be rejected. Thankfully, this time around, the result was positive – GrumbleGamer 18 asked Bethesda Softworks‘ help to propose to his girlfriend called Bree. He trusted her to say yes, as she likes video games a lot – the pair has played Skyrim for days, and she even bought her significant other an Xbox One and a copy of Fallout 4 when he got out of a hospital for Christmas.

Grumble was contacted by an associate community manager of Bethesda on Twitter. He was asked to send his email address, and the rest was on rails – he was even asked if he would like a poster of a Vault pair kissing.

„Bree and I have been doing unboxings on my YouTube channel for the past 2.5 years, and I could never see myself doing it without her. When she’s there with me, all of the words I need to say, anything I’m thinking but normally too nervous to say is easily said. We vibe perfectly in front of the camera, and I realised this was an in for the proposal,” Grumble said. He got help from Bethesda during the unboxing video below, too (first embedded video).

A good move from the publisher. If only their game were as decent as this gesture…

Source: DualShockers

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