God Of War And Twisted Metal Creator Slams AAA Games Hard! [VIDEO]

David Jaffe thinks we will think similarly in four years as now he does.

Jaffe isn’t a no-name character: in the PS1/PS2 era, he worked on several Twisted Metal games, and he also worked as the director of the first PS2 God of War game, as well as the creative director of its sequel – he has experience, even if his latest game, the PlayStation 4 title Drawn to Death, flopped. Jaffe expressed his dislike towards recent AAA games in the video below (bringing up Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End as an example!), and he also shared his thoughts on Twitter, too. We’ll quote what he said.

„Uncharted 1 PLAYS THE SAME (within most people’s minds) as […] Uncharted 4. At a pure mechanics level, the game isn’t offering anything meaningfully new, and FOR ME that is what I want in my games. […] [It has] same gameplay, better production. If that works for you, I respect that. Truly. I do. For me, once I play a game, I need the next game I play to offer something meaningfully fresh, or I’m out. […] I sure as f*ck didn’t [say Uncharted is bad]. Also, in that very video, I talk about how Naughty Dog is second to MAYBE only Sony Santa Monica when it comes to execution. Do I think the AAA 3rd person action/adventure genre is atrophying and that Uncharted is a great example of that? I sure do! But that doesn’t in any way mean I think that series is BAD. I think the job with sequels is to provide a blend of comfort food gameplay and news and surprising. I think most AAA games drop the ball on the new and surprising. […] Me, and others like me, are the canaries in the coal mine. In 3-4 years, my view will be most gamer’s views. Just like back in the ’90s game devs were getting sick of 2D mascot platformers YEARS before the audience was.”

Harsh words from Jaffe… It’s unlikely that his disappointment after Drawn to Death is talking from inside of him!

Source: WCCFTech

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