Valeroa: Is Denuvo Getting Competition?

A new DRM (digital rights management) has surfaced on Steam – one game already uses Valeroa. However, can it compete against Denuvo?

Valeroa, according to its developers, is not a DRM and doesn’t affect performance in games. It also doesn’t need an internet connection and doesn’t always write or read from your drive. Its purpose is to protect specific functions chosen by developers of the game, and it’s used only during loading times or when the game is launched. Its protection is described as „extremely difficult” to crack pre-release and during the launch weeks, but it weakens over time.

The first game that uses Valeroa DRM is City Patrol: Police – we wouldn’t go into the game’s quality, but we would like to question Valeroa’s class (or its protection in general) – one of the Steam topics discuss that the protection is already broken, and on Reddit, we can read the cracker’s comments, too: „This „DRM” has to be a joke. I hope the developers didn’t pay for this.”

While we have no personal experience, but seeing how City Patrol: Police launched on November 29 and that it’s already cracked, Valeroa might have started with a colossal faceplant…

Source: Tomshardware, Steam, Reddit

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