DOOM Co-Creator To Reveal His New Project Very Soon!

John Romero has played a pivotal role in DOOM‘s creation at id Software. Now, he is teasing something brand new…

It’s unlikely to be a brand new DOOM game (as the IP’s rights remained with id Software, owned by Bethesda, and Romero formed his developer team several years ago), but we should keep an eye on the Internet, and not just because of DOOM‘s birthday, as it turns twenty-five on December 10!

„25 years ago DOOM was released on December 10th. To celebrate this momentous occasion, Romero Games will announce pre-orders for a project John Romero just completed. If you have been following John Romero’s Instagram (@theromero) you would have seen the hints. What looked like a countdown to Doom’s birthday became suddenly mysterious. You’ll receive another email on Monday announcing this new project and have the opportunity to pre-order it,” VentureBeat quotes the Romero Games email.

Going by the Instagram photos, we’d be hard-pressed to figure out what John Romero is about to reveal. We hope it won’t be as big of a flop as Daikatana was in the early 2000s on PC and N64. We’ll get back to the subject when it’s time…

Source: VentureBeat

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