Tim Sweeney: Epic Games Store Does Not Send Data To The Chinese Government!

Epic Games‘ founder denies such claims that say via Tencent; the Chinese communist government gets data from the store.

On Reddit, there’s a topic that discusses two subjects – one of them is about Ubisoft‘s always-online requirements, and the other one is about Epic Games Store that launched a few weeks ago, and it offers Super Meat Boy for free now, claiming that it sends information to China.

In the EULA, the post says „they have the right to monitor you and send the data to their parent company. And who is Epic’s parent company? The Chinese dev that’s known for spying for the Chinese government.” Tencent is the mentioned company here who owns 40% of Epic Games. Meanwhile, the legal term in the EULA says that any user-generated content is in Epic’s possession.

Tim Sweeney, the founder of Epic, has also commented, denying such claims, as they don’t sell any information. He wouldn’t allow it as the founder and the controlling shareholder, adding that Tencent is only a „minority investor,” and not their parent company.

We’ll see – the post has been edited several times (it’s at edit 17 at the moment!), but since Tencent got into similar accusations via WeChat, who knows…? (Oh, and let’s not forget that Tencent is in Ubisoft, too…)

Source: DualShockers

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