Quantic Dream Has „Great News” For Us!

The French dev team, who are close to Sony via developing Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, or last May’s Detroit: Become Human, plans to announce something exciting.

Quantic Dream has written the following on Twitter: „Thank you all for a FABULOUS year 2018! We shall be back soon with some great news. Stay well and happy, share your passion and love! Stay tuned…” We don’t know what David Cage plans yet – the ResetEra users are predicting an acquisition by Sony, which means Quantic Dream would stop being a second-party team and take place in Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios’ group as a first-party developer group.

A possible DLC for Detroit: Become Human is also possible, but a new game announcement would be unexpected – the next console generation is too close, and while it’s true that Beyond: Two Souls came out in late 2013 with the PlayStation 4 lingering over the game on PS3, Quantic Dream‘s previous game, Heavy Rain, came out almost 3.5 years ago before that…

Source: WCCFTech

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