There will be a new Alien action MMO game for PC and consoles

The news comes after the announcement of Alien: Blackout for mobile.

The unexpected announcement of Alien: Blackout cooled the spirits of the Alien universe fans who were waiting for a new videogame for PC and consoles, instead of a title for mobile devices, but FoxNext has wanted to calm the spirits remembering that there is another video game in preparation. the franchise, which they describe as an MMO action title.

It is not the first time that the editor talks about this project, because at the beginning of 2018 she confirmed that it was working on a triple-A Alien shooter with the Cold Iron Studios team . Together with this team, they say, “we are also working on a massively multiplayer online action game set in the Alien cinematic universe for PCs and consoles.”

Also in the social networks the company affirms that there will be new stories of Amanda Ripley that “will be announced soon”. “There is still something else to come … very soon”, they have limited themselves to inform on Twitter. It remains, therefore, to wait for an official announcement to announce the first details of this expected action video game.

Source: 3Djuegos

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