According to a Hungarian Propaganda TV, Hungarians Are a Part of the Civilization VI Expansion “Thanks to Viktor Orban”: Populist Prime Minister of Hungary

“The Hungarian Fraction and the Hungarian Parliament wouldn’t make it if it wasn’t for Viktor Orban,” told Szilvester Szarvas, one of the four journalists at “Echo TV”, a local, strongly pro-government television financed by Hungarian taxpayers via advertisements by the Hungarian state and whose role is to spread “Fidesz” (the local government party) propaganda and discredit the opposite party or liberalism and liberal thinkers.

Four journalists from pro-government newspapers (888 and Pesti Srácok) took part in a live broadcast of the aforementioned Echo TV, called Sajtóklub 2.0: Szilveszter Szarvas, Balázs Desze, Gellért Oláh and Vajk Falusi where they were talking about the latest expansion of Civilization VI – as it was reported be a, a local online magazine.

Usually, when mainstream press talks about video games, it’s about either violence or sexual content in games, or gamer addiction, but not this time around. What the four journalists were trying to say is that the very reason the Hungarian Civ made it into the incoming Gathering Storm expansion is thanks to Viktor Orban , the infamous populist prime minister of Hungary.  “Orbán’s social conservatism, national conservatism, soft Euroscepticism and advocacy of what he describes as an “illiberal state”[2] have attracted significant international attention. Some observers have described his government as authoritarian or autocratic.” (Wikipedia) He also advocates the suppression of free press by using influences to acquire 476 mediums to his right-wing, populist agenda and the aforementioned “Echo TV”, “888” and “Pesti Srácok” are part of those mediums, strongly controlled and financed by the government.

This is the very reason, why those journalists have to always “cheer” the government by either writing pro-governmental “articles” or making TV shows, like this one, where they have to put en extremely favourable light on either the Hungarian prime minister or the Fidesz or discredit members of the opposing party.

In this show, their task to support the government with the following ridiculously stupid “statements” (misinformation):

  • It’s thanks to Viktor Orban, that the Hungarian Civ was able to make it into Gathering Storm.
  • It’s a pity, that we can’t lead Viktor Orban in the game (instead of King Mathias, the actual Civ leader and famous King of Hungary, who will be the actual leader.
  • They tried to make some stupid joke about Márki-Zay Péter (and character assassinate him), the major of Hódmezővásárhely, whose only “sin” is the be of the opposing party, which strongly angered his opponent, the Fidesz member János Lázár.
  • They made another stupid joke about the statue of Imre Nagy, the hero of 1956, which was displaced not long ago and angered the (And thus also ridicule him)
  • Canadians are in very bad light lately by government “standards” and pro-government propaganda also has to ridicule or diss them. In the TV show, some allusions were made about how Canadians will be conquered, how being “vegan” is a typical Canadian thing and how Justin Trudeau will be probably the leader of the Canadian Civ.

When you had a good laugh, time to gather the facts. Like we already wrote, Hungary will be the next faction in the Gathering Storm expansion, with King Matthias Corvinus as the leader of this Civ, and Hungary will also have a unique building: a thermal bath and the Hungarian Parliament will be Hungary’s unique wonder building. What’s a big lie is that Viktor Orban has anything to do with and of course he won’t even be mentioned in the game.

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