Final Fantasy VII Remake: The Challenges Of Changing The Core Gameplay

Final Fantasy VII Remake, which was announced over 3.5 years ago, had its challenges, which was explained by Shinichiro Biwa, a planner at Square Enix, in an interview last year, which is still partially translated.

Biwa revealed that it was a significant challenge for them to change the turn-based RPG into an action-RPG. They had to redesign the locations, as they had to consider the characters’ and enemies’ movement, which wasn’t a problem in the base game. Each redesigned are had to go through three steps. Step one was the interpretation of the locations from the original Final Fantasy VII. The second step was planning modifications/additions and alterations to the location, then getting them approved through meetings as well as deciding how much resources are needed. The third step is implementing the above, then polishing up the location.

Before building the areas, everything (characters, enemies, animations, objects, and assets) had to be created and then approved the leadership. Only then could they begin building, polishing, and tweaking. Biwa says the first half (the asset creations and the like) was done in the summer of 2018, which means the world building is happening at the moment. That, however, means we have no idea when the PlayStation 4-announced, first episode of Final Fantasy VII Remake, would launch!

Source: WCCFTech

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