Dangerous Driving: The Burnout Spiritual Successor Gets Release Date! [VIDEO]

Dangerous Driving is coming soon to a PC or a console near you. (And, since Electronic Arts doesn’t seem to care about Burnout aside from Burnout: Paradise’s re-release, this is all we could get…)

Three Fields Entertainment, which was founded by former Criterion (the developers behind Burnout) founders Alex Ward and Fiona Sperry, announced Dangerous Driving last June, and they didn’t seem to have taken an entirely different route – closed tracks with racing, boosts, enemy takedowns, and, of course, destruction.

Thirty stages, seven locations, a lot of cars, and a few game modes – Heatwave, Takedown (knock your opponents out), Road Rage (rule the roads), Eliminator (only one racer can remain). Online, we can play against up to seven players, and offline, AI racers await in eight game modes. You can level up by playing, unlocking new cars and abilities.

Dangerous Driving is out on April 9 on PC (Epic Games Store!), PlayStation 4 and Xbox One – the two consoles’ respective stronger version (PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox One X) will be supported, too. The physical edition of the game includes a bonus game, Danger Zone, the previous game from the team.

A new Burnout under a different.

Source: VG247

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