YouTube Abuses Banning Over A Misunderstood Acronym!

This time, CP did not mean what Google thought it does – an algorithm banned over something harmless!

BBC reports that content creators have experienced their YouTube accounts banned, or even their Google accounts blocked over a penalty, as „YouTube prohibits uploading… any type of activity that sexualises minors.” However, they have done nothing related to that. They only used an acronym in their videos – CP.

CP could mean child pornography, but in Pokémon Go (yes, this game is still around!), the acronym is used for something else, namely Combat Points. YouTube‘s algorithms quickly banned the users who used this acronym, and even other people that uploaded Club Penguin videos (another harmless subject) got the banhammer on their neck.

Google did not comment whether it was a human error or their algorithms acted up (it’s likely the latter – they just try to shove the scandal under the rug…), but at least everyone who requested their bans to be disputed and reinvestigated saw their accounts reinstated. Perhaps Google should hire more people to check if the flagged videos are actually breaking the terms of service or not so that the account suspensions could be avoided…

Source: Gamesindustry


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