R-Type Final 2: A Sequel to the Old PS2 Shooter! [VIDEO]

Granzella plans to make a sequel to R-Type Final (that came out in Japan in 2003 and in the West a year later on PS2) with the help of crowdfunding.

R-Type can be called a veteran shoot’em up series that started in 1987. This horizontal (side-scrolling…) shoot’em up is promised to have multiple difficulty levels (which will automatically scale to the player’s skill, too!), a 16:9 display ratio, allowing better playability, as well as higher scores for higher difficulty levels. Going by what the press release says, it seems that the game will also have online leaderboards as well for the scores…

During the stages, not only our fighter, but the levels themselves will evolve (stronger enemies will be created from the carcasses of weaker ones…), and you won’t have just a single machine to use and go through the entire game with no variety either. There will be multiple vehicles from the R-Type history, all with unique weaponry – what would a shmup be without different shot types or attacks?

R-9A, R9-D, R9-W, R-13A – these are the fighters that Granzella announced so far. The 9A is the „ancestor,” the 9D is good for longer distances, 9W allows you to control the orbit of the Wave Cannon, and the 13A’s Thunder Wave Cannon will be heat-seeking.

Currently, that’s all that Granzella has announced. The developers plan to reveal more details for R-Type Final 2, planned for PlayStation 4, in May, when they will also plan to start the crowdfunding campaign as well. It seems that Irem (the IP is theirs!) is out of money and they need the help of the fans of the genre. At least you don’t have to keep throwing quarters into the arcade cabinet…

Source: Gematsu

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