If Steam demands less from developers, Epic will stop buying exclusives

For Tim Sweeney, the high price to pay for Steam is the main problem of creatives and publishers on PC.

The purchase of exclusives during the last months has generated a very bad image to Epic Games Store among some fans of the video game world, who are not users of the webshop of the Fortnite authors. That is why again and again those responsible for the company are forced to jump to the fore to defend their actions. The last? Its president, Tim Sweeney, who has been very clear about it. If Valve reduces the rate of money it receives in exchange for publishing games on Steam, then Epic will stop buying exclusives.

“If Steam is committed to permanently share 88% of the revenue with all developers and publishers without any other commitment, then Epic will immediately stop purchasing exclusives (respecting the commitments of our partners), and will even consider publishing their own games. on Steam, “said Tim Sweeney, who once again alludes to that 25% of revenues that studios must pay Valve to publish games on their platform compared to the 12% that Epic has bet on.

For the president of Epic Games, that a store that demands both dominates the market “is the main problem for PC developers, publishers and anyone who depends on these companies to survive. We are determined to fix the problem and this is the only way to guarantee that there will be a big change “. Sweeney believes that on that day it will become a “glorious moment in the history of the PC“.

That’s the reason, he says, that companies like EA or Ubisoft have created their own platform. Why 12%? We chose that figure to offer a supercompetitive agreement for our partners while we build a store that lasts and profitably for Epic. ”

Regarding the reference to “no other commitment”, the director of Epic makes reference to the fact that the games can use “any online system such as friends and accounts of their choice, free games that can interact with any platform and store”. In the end, he explains, “the spirit is to bet on an open platform where the store is just a place to find games and pay for things.”

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