Microsoft: Declining Xbox Sales, But The Results Are Positive!

The Redmond-based company has released its latest fiscal quarter financial earnings report. We learned a few things.

Although Microsoft didn’t publish exact figures, they said that year-on-year, compared to the private sales figures, the Xbox One sold 33% less because people just buy less of this console. (The same goes for the PlayStation 4, and that console is heading towards the 100-million barrier…)

Still, the results are positive, as the overall game revenue has increased by 5% year-on-year, as the third-party games sold well, plus the subscriptions are faring well – there are 63 million Xbox Live subscribers (which is far more than what the PlayStation Plus has – there’s a significant difference), which is 7% more than the last year (59 million). The games division of Microsoft has generated 2.36 billion dollars in the past quarter, which is 112 million more than a year ago. We did not find any details about the Xbox Game Pass on GameSpot.

Microsoft has recently announced the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, which skips the Blu-ray drive, meaning you can only play digitally downloaded games from the Internet on this cheaper console (which is set to launch in May). The name is funny: Xbox One SAD Edition – a little unlucky, don’t you think…?

Microsoft is also preparing for the future: don’t forget that they have the xCloud streaming platform, which is going to compete against say, the PlayStation Now, or the Google Stadia. They have been promising a big show for this year’s E3, which means they might reveal more details about the next-gen Xbox (or Xboxes?), which would make sense, as Sony has recently announced a few details about the next-gen PlayStation, which will not launch by April 2020.

Will the next-gen Xbox(es?) pull an earlier start than the PlayStation to get more sales? It happened with the Xbox 360. We’ll see if it could happen…

Source: GameSpot

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