PlayStation Plus Is Getting A Price Hike!

It’s not a fair move by Sony, but it is official: the PlayStation Plus service, which is necessary to play online on PlayStation 4 (with some exceptions, such as free-to-play MMOs and the like…), is getting a price increase. Again.

Back in 2017, Europe and Australia got a price increase (ten euros for the annual, five for the quarterly, and one for the monthly subscription, respectively), but now, Sony is confusing the hell out of us with the new price hike. On PSNProfiles, we read that the increase will affect Europe and Asia, and it’s going to be different per region. If the next paragraph sounds confusing, we apologize.

The price increase will happen on August 1, but in Europe, the countries that use the euro currency (such as France or Germany) will only see the monthly subscription’s price increased to 9 euros. The 3 and 12-month subscription prices will not change. Sweden will face a significant price hike: the monthly sub will increase from 75 SEK to 95 (+26.6% increase!), the 3 months one will go from 235 to 260 (+10.6%), and the annual will jump from 575 to 620 (+7.8%). Norway got it worse: the monthly sub will increase from 65 NOK to 85 (+30.8%!), the 3 months one will go from 205 to 240 (+17.1%), and the annual will jump from 485 to 580 (+19.6%). Switzerland’s 7.90 / 24.90 / 59.90 Swiss Frank prices will increase to 9.90 / 27.90 / 69.90.

We’ll not write all the Asian prices down, but we’ll name the Japanese one, as they are also affected: although the annual subscription price will remain the same, the 3-month sub will go from 1337 to 2150 JPY, and the monthly price will go from 514 to 850 JPY, respectively. Our new local, Hungarian pricing isn’t known yet, but we predict a 25% increase for the monthly, a 20% one for the quarterly, and a 15% one for the annual price, respectively.

Let’s hope that the subscribers will get more than just two PlayStation 4 games in return…

Source: VG247

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