[E3 2019] Watch Dogs Legion is announced with all its details and release date [VIDEO]

A post-Brexit dystopian London becomes the scene of this promising Ubisoft sandbox: Watch Dogs Legion.

We knew beforehand that Watch Dogs Legion would be one of the great protagonists of E3 2019 and Ubisoft has not disappointed with a fantastic demonstration of the enormous potential that this sandbox video game treasures.

The new chapter of the Watch Dogs series takes its action to the streets of a futuristic London dominated by a dictatorial power. In this context, there will not be a single hero facing this fearsome enemy, but it will be the society in general that faces Albion. What does this mean? As it had leaked, we can take control of any citizen of London, of all, who will also live their own existence.

Elderly, poor, powerful … any citizen will be there, waiting to be controlled by the player, who will first have to earn their respect. For this, a series of secondary missions must be completed. In total, you can enrol up to 20 people, who can specialize in three combat styles: the hacker, typical of the Watch Dogs saga, the specialist in stealth and the soldier, a character given to fight.

There will be RPG elements that will lead us to enhance the abilities of some characters that also, in a random way, will have unique features such as a certain domain of weapons … or defects, such as clumsiness driving or hacking. There will be lots of variants that promise to make us enjoy a videogame with huge tactical options and a lot of freedom of action.

Watch Dogs Legion will have five main story arcs with more than 60 main missions and many more secondary ones. Surprise your recreation of London and options as striking as permanent death for the recruited characters. The new Ubisoft for PC, Xbox One, Stadia and PS4 is released on March 6, 2020.

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