Google AI will participate in the European competitions of StarCraft 2

TECH NEWS – AlphaStar, a Google AI will play different games as part of their learning by participating as an anonymous player.

AlphaStar, a program specialized in playing StarCraft II that is part of Google’s DeepMind artificial intelligence research, will participate in different events of the European professional circuit as part of their learning.

And that the program is learning does not mean that it does not play already extraordinarily well. Earlier this year, this DeepMind program again defeated two great champions, to which new names are expected to join. This AI will now play anonymously, so your human opponents will not know they are facing a program. The results against AlphaStar will be reflected in the scorecards in the same way that happens with human players.

From the official website, Blizzard explains that presenting AlphaStar “anonymously helps ensure that it is a controlled test”, guaranteeing the development of the clashes in a normal way and that the same conditions are given from one game to another. To try to balance the confrontations, and that the game of AI is not evident, some penalties will be imposed on its game mode, like a limit of actions per minute and per second.

To help preserve the anonymity of the Google AI AlphaStar, it has not been made public in which specific tournaments the AI ​​will participate, but it is difficult to imagine that it does not achieve the victory, and we must remember that the game experience that AlphaStar already accumulates is equivalent to hundreds of years playing StarCraft II.


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