Ion Maiden changes the name and specifies its release date on PC [VIDEO]

A trailer of the “ex-Ion Maiden” (now titled Ion Fury) allows us to see in action the new work of 3D Realms.

A few weeks ago a lawsuit was filed against Iron Maiden against Ion Maiden, the retro action videogame developed with the graphics engine of the memorable Duke Nukem 3D, which the British group accused of taking advantage of its name to confuse its followers and thus gain popularity. Outcome? 3D Realms just announced that Ion Maiden is renamed Ion Fury, and has also confirmed that this frantic shooting game will go on sale in August.

A new trailer allows us to see in action this retro-style shoot’em up that seeks to recreate the emotions of classics such as DOOM or Duke Nukem. “After considering it carefully, we decided to change the name of our action video game Ion Maiden to Ion Fury,” said 3D Realms head Mike Nielsen.

“We think a lot about it but the most important thing is that we would be doing a disservice to our loyal fans and the fantastic developers if we get involved in a long legal dispute,” adds the manager. “His fantastic action, interaction and pure fun make Ion Fury a great video game, not his name.” For now, only its release on PC, where the game opens on August 15 has materialized.

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