DOOM Eternal: “total aggression” will be the keyword for everything

DOOM Eternal devs explains how we are going to learn to play by dying again and again.

For id Software, the solution to all the player’s problems in the shooter is based on total aggressiveness. In id Software, they know very well that the key to their new action games, set by the great DOOM of 2016, is to offer a huge frenzy and invite the player to be tremendously aggressive with their rivals. Now, by the mouth of Hugo Martin and Marty Stratton, responsible respectively for the game and the Texas company, have given some details about it in DOOM Eternal.

“The solution to all problems is to be aggressive, ” Martin said in a few words collected by the portal Gamasutra. “I think that is the key when developing our design, we focus on the player getting what he needs when he needs it, so managing your resources aggressively is a new feature for the game, and we work hard to make sure that everything in the game counts and is meaningful to the player. ”

“On the way, you’re likely to die, and you do it many times, but dying is fine and it’s precisely how you learn to play,” said Stratton. “It will make you realize if you need ammunition, health or armour, and you will know if this or that demon will provide you with what you need … As long as there are demons on the battlefield, you will have the resources you need at your fingertips .”

It’s a full-speed game of chess “I would not say that this makes the game a normal chess game, but a full speed chess game, because everything that happens very fast.” This type of metagame, this type of decisions at the last second makes the player hooked. I know we use the word loyalty in excess, but it is the one that obsesses us. Keep the player hooked. ”

Source: Gamasutra

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