An In-Depth Look Into Gears 5’s Map Builder [VIDEO]

Although initially, the map builder will only be available for the Escape mode into Gears 5, we have discussed how The Coalition wants to expand the level designer (which is shown in a new video) to other game modes, too.

The developers will provide several customization options for us. You can put several gameplay tiles to each other (so think of blocks seen in other games before, even back in the PS1 era), and the levels’ length is up to you. You can either put the exit point close to the starting point (you are escaping, after all…) or put it to the other end of the world. With the latter option, you can make several safe rooms to make pseudo acts for your level, too.

Of course, you get to select the number of enemies, as well as their types, so sadistic map designers can easily find pleasure in the level designer, just to make us suffer while trying to beat their levels. You can also choose the weapons and the ammunition location as well. (How much would you bet on someone making a hard level, give you a strong gun early on, but no ammo whatsoever later?) There’s also the new weapon in Gears 5, called the Venom bomb: you can also fully customize it by choosing its detonation delay time, the gas spread speed, and even the damage multiplier it causes. If the map is done, you can fly over it with a single button, and then, you can try it with two friends in split-screen or online multiplayer. You can also upload it to the lobby so others can play your creation. (Sadists can find another way to entertain themselves…)

Gears of War’s newest game, called Gears 5, is out on September 10 on Xbox One and Windows 10, as well as the Xbox Game Pass on both platforms. If you have an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription or acquire the game’s Ultimate Edition, you can play early, from September 6.

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