Bleeding Edge: Eleven Minutes From Ninja Theory’s New Game [VIDEO]

The new game, Bleeding Edge from the makers of DmC: Devil May Cry and Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice might be a bit too colourful.

Ninja Theory is one of the many studios that Microsoft has acquired in a little more than one year until now – this will be important a bit later. Bleeding Edge was announced at E3 this year, and it was playable at Gamescom; it got a commentated gameplay video surfaced. As the game is currently in alpha state and under strict NDA (non-disclosure agreement), this is as far as we can get with the game, as the publishers tend to be serious when it comes to embargo dates, and Microsoft is not someone to mess with.

This game is a 4v4 team fighter, with each character having unique abilities on top of the base moves. In the video, Gizmo is more of a ranged character, while others are much better in melee combat. We see a capture point mode, but the teams can’t always capture each point on the map. The other character shown in the video is called Kulev, with a supportive role, with some weirdness added (he spits acid on the enemies, he has a robotic snake around his neck, but he can heal nearby teammates).

Bleeding Edge tries to reimagine Overwatch, but we have yet to see how much of success can Ninja Theory, now under the Xbox Game Studios, reach. We’ll see at one point, as the game currently has no release date set. All we know that it is in development for Xbox One and PC (no PlayStation 4!), and it wouldn’t be surprising if it was silently being developed for the next-gen Xbox (codenamed Xbox Project Scarlett) too, which would push the launch into late 2020. Another first-party game, Halo Infinite, follows the same route.

Source: VG247

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