CryEngine 5.6: Here’s The Graphics Of The Next Generation [VIDEO]

TECH NEWS – CryEngine is going through more evolution.

In late 2007, Crysis has become a benchmark for PC users. This game used CryEngine 2, and it needed a high-end (and we do mean high-end) PC to make it run flawlessly on the highest graphical settings. The engine was later improved further, as the CryEngine 3 got up and running on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo Wii U.

Now, we’re at CryEngine 5.6. Regarding it, Crytek published a new tech introduction video, which shows what we can expect on the next-gen PlayStation (PlayStation 5?) and Xbox (Xbox Project Scarlett) at the end of next year. The end of the video starts to go into Crysis territories (and we wouldn’t be surprised if it gets a remaster, but we have to say that the game was published by Electronic Arts… and aside from Burnout: Paradise, they haven’t remastered many of their games), and we don’t say it just because of it being an island.

The video shows the engine’s realtime volumetric fog and dynamic lighting across numerous environments, as well as object-based motion blur, accurate sunlight shards, and physically simulated ropes, which is demonstrated by a zombie walking on ropes. There’s also some good clothing and chainlinks seen in it, and it all feels extremely realistic. Our favourite would be the vegetation touch bending (when a person or an object touches the vegetation, it bends appropriately).

The engine might show some outstanding things in the future. The future because Crytek has published CryEngine 5.6 a couple of days ago (and their business model now requires 5% of the profits), and we need time to see the developers USE the new functions, features, and visual effects. Crytek’s newest game, Hunt: Showdown, also uses CryEngine.

Source: VG247

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