Gears 5 Could Ban Ragequitters For A Long Time!

The Coalition‘s new game, Gears 5 wouldn’t ban you for days or weeks. Nope: if you ragequit matches far too often, you get the banhammer for a longer period.

On Reddit, a user wrote „No warning whatsoever. Nice job, _ssholes. Can’t even implement quit penalties without f_cking it up.” The topic was called „Suspended for 640 DAYS after quitting.” That’s about 21 months. Of course, Microsoft and The Coalition did not stay silent about the subject. Dana Sissons, the director of communications at Microsoft wrote the following on Twitter: „[W]e looked into this person’s account and, in the last day alone, he has played 21 escalation matches and quit 18 of them.” (Then perhaps you should stop quitting too often.)

The Coalition also grabbed a keyboard to write this on Twitter as a warning to those who tend to quit matches before they end: „[The] quitters have been receiving month to year-long suspensions for prior behaviour. This is how long you can be suspended for being a rampant quitter. Take heed. Over the next few hours, impacted users will be un-suspended, but [they are] one quit away from suspension. You have been warned.”

Sissons’ thoughts got an exciting idea on Twitter: „Please do more than just a timer. Reward people for not quitting. Put quitters vs quitters. Disable their ability to select the weapon and character skins. And please check the forums, these ideas are from there.” Sissons‘ response is brief: „Penalties are just the first step, stay tuned for more details.”

We have yet to see how the players who cannot accept defeat will be labelled – Gears 5 will likely notice you that you have a quitter in your team, who might cause you to lose a match, as teamwork is essential to winning.

Source: VG247

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