A Pacifist The Outer Worlds Playthrough Is Not Impossible [VIDEO]

A pacifist approach to Obsidian‘s newest game, The Outer Worlds all on the hardest difficulty level no less.

On YouTube, you can find Kyle Hinckley’s playthrough (he runs the channel The Weirdist), where you can see fifty videos on how to beat The Outer Worlds on Supernova difficulty without ever killing anyone. And it’s not the first time for him either: previously, he also beat Fallout 4 in the same way (and also on the hardest difficulty level named Survival). Sure, there are deaths in the playthrough, but if NPCs kill each other, that doesn’t necessarily mean that he pulled the trigger.

„Doing a challenge that does away with one of the two sources of experience (combat, quests) leaves your character pretty under-leveled,” Hinckley told Polygon. He concentrated on getting experience through lockpicking, hacking, or speech checks, but it still kept him under-levelled, and he also limited his companion characters, too, by putting them into passive mode to never fire a shot, even if they catch on fire.

In the video below, you can see the quest Space-Crime Continuum, where you have to interact with a terminal that is between two mantipillars. He doesn’t dare to use his stun weapon (the Shock-Stick), as he is afraid it would kill one of the bugs. So he tries to divert their attention from a distance, but he ended up being burnt alive along with his companion, Vicar Max. With the time dilation, he managed to activate the terminal before the game registered him as being in combat with the mantipillars.

So Obsidian’s game, which launched a few weeks ago on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC (according to Private Division’s owner Take-Two’s latest financial earnings report, the Nintendo Switch port is coming in early 2020), can not only be speedrun (which is also interesting), but also be done in a peaceful manner.

Source: PCGamer

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