The PlayStation 5 And The DualShock 5’s Final Design Possibly Revealed [VIDEO]

A major German retailer’s concept video shows how Sony’s next-gen console, PlayStation 5 as well as its controller, might look in about a year when they will be in the stores.

Mediamarkt-Saturn is the biggest electronics retailer company in Europe. It has a business in fifteen countries, and they have more than a thousand stores throughout the continent. In a German-language video, they talk about Sony’s next-generation console, and they also show a few images of the PlayStation 5, as well as its controller, which hasn’t been officially named, but we’ll call it DualShock 5 regardless. They also show the devkit design, which was previously confirmed via a leak.

The PlayStation 5’s concept looks like a set-top box that you might see with old CRT TVs, or if you have cable via IPTV. It feels more like a cable TV box instead of a video game console. Sure, it has a blue colour, which is Sony’s colour, but aside from that, it doesn’t feel as compelling as the base PlayStation 4’s slanted look. Let’s look at the images. (And yes, they already trick around with a Grand Theft Auto VI disc on the first one. Now that is quite bold of them.)

The DualShock 5 could be having an LED touchscreen, and it could be charged wirelessly, making that more comfortable than before. (Don’t forget Sony’s previous promise that we discussed as well: the PlayStation 5’s standby mode will have a ridiculously low power consumption. How will they fare with the controller?)

The PlayStation 5 is going to launch in about a year (potentially close to the direct competitor, the Xbox Project Scarlett by Microsoft), and there was already a rumour about its European pricing and potential release date. However, those could change significantly.

Source: WCCFTech

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