Guilty Gear Strive: The New Instalment Got Christened [VIDEO]

Arc System Works announced the name of the previously announced Guilty Gear game at the ArcRevo World Tour 2019 Finals. This is the title that we discussed a few times before – it will be somewhat of a reboot.

So the game is now called Guilty Gear Strive, and according to the devs’ plans, it should be launching on PlayStation 4 next year. They already announced that the next trailer will be premiered in Wheelings, Illinois, at Frosty Faustings. The current one seems to tease Faust as a playable character. (The title is clever: ArcSys STRIVES to be different with its games, don’t they? Also, the word has the roman number 4, IV, in it, too!)

They also revealed that Guilty Gear 20th Anniversary Pack will be available on the Nintendo Switch worldwide. (This title is somewhat slanted: the first game launched in May ’98 on PS1, followed by a US version in October ’98… oh, Europe had to wait until MAY 2000…) The collection will contain a physical copy of the game (includes both Guilty Gear and Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R), a collector SteelBook, a Sol Badguy headband, an anniversary commemorative coin, „and more.” (America got unlucky: both Europe and Asia got the Collection Pack before them. This time, they get screwed – Europe has far too often either got games several months or even YEARS late, or the continent never got a port to begin with!)

And with that segueway, we turn back to Guilty Gear Strive. Aside from the new trailer, there is also a six-minute direct feed gameplay video, as well as a few artwork images. Strive seems to have kept the charm that has been traditionally part of the Guilty Gear series, and the gameplay also seems to hit the right notes. The game will launch next year on PlayStation 4.

Source: Gematsu, Gematsu

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