[TGS 2019] New Details About The Next Guilty Gear [VIDEO]

Daisuke Ishiwatari, the general director of Guilty Gear, as well as Akira Katano, the currently being developed title’s director, revealed several details about the recently announced title.

Ishiwatari explained why he had multiple posts in the nearly two decades of the franchise’s history – initially, a small team was working on the games, so he had to be in multiple roles, and the situation is still being present within Arc System Works, which is why he always has the last word when it comes to things from character design to the soundtrack. He added that they did not trick us with the EVO 2019 announcement teaser: aside from the last scene, it was entirely gameplay, not something they made specifically for the trailer. (Which is something that should be noted by other companies – remember when Anthem’s first trailer was nothing like the final version?)

Ishiwatari brought up Sol as a character design changing example: he has more belts now, plus he has a tank top shirt under his jacket in the new Guilty Gear. He also mentioned a scene from the teaser that is considered to be „one of the game’s biggest selling points.” If hitting certain conditions, the fighters change battle locations – multiple stages are connected for this reason. The colours and the lightning during these transitions are intentionally looking anime-like. Katano added the following: „multiple gimmicks [are] related to this mechanic, and it’s not a simple battle stage change,” and more details will be revealed later.

Ishiwatari also handles the camera direction. In this game, there are no cuts when strong attacks are being activated. Instead, it zooms in on the character to make things as seamless as possible. The characters’ expressions got a lot of detail. Ky on the image below got twelve, but in total, it lasts around a second in real-time. There are more shots than in an actual anime, which is why Katano said it is pretty much „a 3D Sakuga.” He added that Ishiwatari is someone who loves to break conventions to go for unusual things. The teaser has a new character at the end – they wanted to show someone new to underline the „complete rebuild of the series” statement.

The new Guilty Gear is in development currently for PlayStation 4.

Source: DualShockers

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