Star Citizen Hits Another Significant Milestone [VIDOE]

The game, Star Citizen which has been in development for a long time, hits another important result.

Since its 2012 Kickstarter campaign, 2.447.599 people have backed Star Citizen, which has received now over 250 million dollars of crowdfunding. Chris Roberts’ (Wing Commander!) website – as he is behind Star Citizen – shows that the game has received a significant boost in support, possibly because of Crowd Imperium Games increasing the pace of updates and new information regarding the game.

Star Citizen is currently at Alpha 3.7, and in the CitizenCon video below, you can see the new, icy microTech planet, which was used to showcase the dynamic weather system (coming in 2020), plus Planet Tech 4.0 (coming on Alpha 3.8). The Jump Points also were shown – these can be used to go from the current Stanton system to the new Pyro system, where chaos and pirates rule; this is the first step towards a full, persistent, ever-changing online universe. The new, 20v20 Theatres of War mode also got into the spotlight. It is going to be the mixture of Arena Commander and Star Marine, plus ground vehicles will also be part of it, making it similar to what Battlefield can offer.

The prison system can also be seen in the video below. If you get arrested, then you can reduce your penalty in several ways. One of the methods could be mining for resources. You can also knock out the violent inmates (or even assassinating them), or be hired by NPCs or other Star Citizen players. Your friends can reduce your sentence by transferring „merits,” and you can also gamble on fighting inmates.

Star Citizen is progressing well, but we have yet to see when it will enter beta… but until then, you can play the game for free until December 5 by clicking here. (But what about the single-player spin-off, Squadron 42 with its star cast?)

Source: WCCFTech

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