Quantic Dream’s Problem Rolls Further: Not Over Despite A Fine

The Quantic Dream scandal, which started nearly two years ago, is still progressing.

Back in January 2018, we heard that France-based Quantic Dream’s employees had NSFW photos leaked, plus some claims about inappropriate work conduct, as well as the poor environment. The leadership of the studio denied these claims, and they vowed to sue the French publications that first revealed the internal situation of the studio. Since then, Quantic Dream has lost at least one case, and several ex-employees stepped up with some claims against the studio: racist, sexist, and homophobic remarks, plus forceful demands of long working hours were brought up.

On ResetEra, we read that the newest ruling asks the studio to pay five thousand euros to its former IT manager to cover indemnities, as well as another two thousand for legal costs. The ruling, which happened on November 21, was discussed by the French media last weekend, and one of the quotes were translated on ResetEra:

„The cases are not done yet though as this same IT manager appealed over another humiliating photomontage which has not been considered in the first condemnation. Quantic Dream, on the other hand, pressed charges back against its former IT manager claiming that he stole internal data before resigning from the company. Note that Quantic Dream also filed a defamation claim against Mediapart and LeMonde – the two newspapers which first broke the news over a year ago.”

Meanwhile, Mediapart (what a surprise, one of the affected publications…) writes about how the case against the media will be examined on December 5 and 6, plus they also mentioned that the former IT manager has also brought up an image that wasn’t part of the previous ruling. This image had him wearing a garter belt, a Hitler-like moustache, and he had his arm greeting, too. (The things you can do with Photoshop…)

So Quantic Dream, who didn’t comment yet, has a possibly problematic work environment.

Source: PSL, JVL

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