PlayStation Network: Giving Up Data For The FBI

The United States’ FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) requested Sony to hand out PlayStation Network data for an alleged drug dealer.

Sony received this warrant application, which was filed in October in Missouri state. The FBI requested Sony to hand over information of a PlayStation 4 user, as he was suspected to use the console’s online services to distribute thousands of dollars of cocaine, Vice reports. The person’s name is Curtis „Dola” Alexander, and Sony had to give out all related information, including the games he played, the results he earned in them, the address, the phone numbers tied to the account, the IP address(es) used during the registration and the login(s), passwords, and security questions.

The FBI alleges that Alexander, under the username Speedola20, contacted someone via the PlayStation Network to coordinate a cocaine sale for 34 thousand dollars per kilogram. A Confidential Human Source (CHS for short) said that Alexander contacted them „during game,” and he contacted the FBI to help with the investigation.

They acted as a trap for Alexander, who sold them about 100g of white powder for 4400 dollars. After the sale, he told the CHS that they will talk in the game, although the title of said game was not disclosed. However, it was confirmed the PlayStation’s messaging system was used for communication between the CHS and Alexander.

We don’t know if there has been any progress about the investigation, but the data was handed over to the FBI (if it didn’t happen, Jim Ryan, the head of Sony Interactive Entertainment would have flipped the table at the people who didn’t comply, plus they’d have likely received a hefty fine, or even a jail penalty). Let’s hope that the person is going to be caught.

Source: GameSpot

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