Playdate, the portable crank console, will soon be in the hands of developers

RETRO – The portable mini console is preparing for launch in 2020.

Playdate is the new indie console that surprised the public after its announcement. This hand console honours classic video games and boasts a most peculiar feature: it have a crank on its side.

Panic, the company that is in charge of its development, published an update before the end of 2019 detailing the progress of the console. According to reports, its launch continues and the device is being manufactured to start pre-orders soon. The company has adjusted the crank so that it has more direct contact with the metal and prolongs its longevity.

Playdate hardware is ready and developers will start receiving consoles very soon. In addition, Panic emphasizes that all its consoles will work as development kits so that its users can experiment with the development of games if they wish. Its price will be $ 149 and it will have a black and white screen.

2020 could be a very important year in the market for retro portable consoles. Analogue announced Pocket in October, a modern and stylish retro portable console. In addition, Pocket will allow us to reproduce and scale the graphics of Game Boy and Game Boy Color games, among many others.

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