Halo Infinite: New Engine, Never-Seen-Before Possibilities

343 Industries’ new engine, Slipspace, allows them to do things they couldn’t so far.

Halo’s official YouTube channel posted this video in late January. Halo’s franchise director, Frank O’Connor, said that the new engine was built for the next generation of video game development, making it easy to use: „We had to create an engine that was more powerful for next-generation development, but also more nimble, so the creatives and engineers can work more easily and iterate faster. This technical groundwork is vital to building a platform for the future of Halo,” he said.

„You have to make tools that allow you to make new features that allow you to make features that weren’t thought about [before]. You’ve gotta give the content-creators room to ideate outside of that,” engineering director David Berger added. „Designers are more empowered themselves to tackle a problem and prototype something quicker and faster than we’ve ever done before,” Tom French, the multiplayer director said. It looks like the team is following Respawn’s idea to make prototypes quickly to see what works and what should be scrapped.

„If you’re at the studio on a Saturday for a playtest, is it really „work?” Do what you love and it’s never „work,” Brian Jarrard, the community manager of 343 Industries, wrote on Twitter. He didn’t say what he was playing, but it’s likely Halo Infinite, as this is the next big project of the studio, and it has to be shown and seen soon in more detail.

Why? The answer is simple: Halo Infinite is going to be one of the launch titles of the Xbox Series X, but 343 Industries will also bring Master Chief’s adventures to the PC and the Xbox One as well. (And regarding the Xbox One version, the team openly expressed that it won’t be a half-assed version. We’ll see when we get to play it.) The game will get beta testing before it hits the shelves.

Source: GameSpot

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