Dangerous Driving 2: „Burnout Light” Taken To The Next Level

The Dangerous Driving is stepping up to the next level.

Dangerous Driving 2 will truly be our best game yet—delivering new features our fans have been clamouring for such as Nintendo Switch support and split-screen, building on the innovations we as game makers are passionate about including interactive music and emergent game modes as well as addressing the areas we weren’t happy with in the last game,” said Three Fields Entertainment founder and creative director Alex Ward in a press release. It’ll be easy to do their best game: the only other game they made was the first Dangerous Driving, which itself wasn’t memorable. It’s mostly PR talk, but the Nintendo Switch port and split-screen sounds interesting – the latter should have been in the first game, too.

„Dangerous Driving 2 is the arcade racer for everyone, featuring slick driving that rewards racing fans wanting to test their lightning reflexes at eye-watering speeds. Set within a dynamic open world, players can choose how they want to race, either by competing in a host of thrilling events against AI opponents or going for a cruise in free drive mode and testing the limits of the game’s emergent crash mechanics with huge multi-vehicle pile-ups. This world can be explored solo or in split-screen multiplayer, while those looking to challenge the best drivers around the globe can take the action online,” Three Fields Entertainment says about the game. Since Dangerous Driving was created as a spiritual successor to Burnout (and their creators are behind it no less), adding pile-ups is a must.

Dangerous Driving 2 will be out at PAX East. The event, held in Boston between February 27 and March 1, will have a playable Nintendo Switch build. Let’s hope we’ll get to see the game in action in video format – it’s hard to judge yet. Dangerous Driving 2 is coming this holiday season on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC (possibly as an Epic Games Store-exclusive, as the first game did), and Nintendo Switch.

Speaking of PAX East, a significant company decided to call off its participation! We’ll discuss this later today.

Source: Gematsu

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