Ghost Of Tsushima: Dynamic Themes for The Game Revealed [VIDEO]

As expected nowadays, Sucker Punch is making Ghost Of Tsushima: dynamic themes for the PlayStation 4-exclusive game that got recently delayed (and out prediction wasn’t far off either…).

The developers showcased on Twitter what dynamic theme we will receive if we buy either the Digital Deluxe or the Collector’s Edition of Ghost of Tsushima. The theme, called Samurai, is quite elegant, and it looks easy on the eye as well. We have to add that if you pre-order the game, you can get a different dynamic theme (as well, if you do so with the two aforementioned editions), inspired by the box art of Ghost of Tsushima. As an extra, you also get a Jin avatar for the PlayStation Network and a mini digital sampler of the soundtrack for pre-ordering (it’d have been bold if they gave you the complete soundtrack):

Ghost of Tsushima also has a small extra for us in its standard physical edition. The team, which mostly worked on inFAMOUS games until now in the past decade or so, showcased it on Twitter. You get a reversible cover that showcases the Ghost mask of Jin, the protagonist who wears this mask in the game. He had to learn new tricks to defeat the Mongol invaders. It is a solid bonus, and it doesn’t even cost you anything extra (except if you see that the retail copy of the game is more expensive than on the PlayStation Store…):

Ghost of Tsushima, as well as The Last of Us Part II, was delayed due to the coronavirus, claiming logistical and distribution as the reason behind the delays. The release date was pushed back by roughly a month, but let’s hope that it is the final date: the game launches on July 17, exclusively on PlayStation 4 and until then, there is a bunch of Ghost Of Tsushima: dynamic themes to cheer you up.

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