Suda51: He’d Like More Switch Ports, But His Hands Are Tied

If it was up to him, he’d make his previous games available on the Nintendo Switch, too.

Goichi Suda is more known as Suda51 – it’s easier to remember after all. He participated in this year’s MomoCon festival, but keep in mind that it wasn’t a physical attendance: the coronavirus pandemic has caused the physical event in Atlanta, Georgia to be cancelled, so we are talking about a digital, live-streamed alternative of it.

Suda got several questions from his fans, and he tried to answer some of them. Several questions were about his former work (such as Killer7, Killer Is Dead or Silver Case) getting possible Nintendo Switch versions. He didn’t give a positive reply. He said that Killer7’s rights are with Capcom. With Killer is Dead, the IP rights are shared between Kadokawa Games and Grasshopper Manufacture, so the former’s permission is required for a port.

The Silver Case’s case, pardon us the pun, is clear. The game, which launched in Japan only on PS1 in 1999, got remastered in 2016 for PC and Mac, then in 2017 for PlayStation 4, respectively, was internally discussed already regarding a possible Switch version. During the stream. Suda51 has also hinted at a potential remake of Flower, Sun, and Rain. This game launched in Japan only again on PS2 in 2001, followed by a DS port worldwide in 2008. (Seeing The Silver Case, it’s likely that Flower, Sun and Rain could be more known worldwide with a port – and now, it wouldn’t be dumbed down for a handheld. Going from a PS2 to the DS is… unusual.)

Meanwhile, No More Heroes 3 is also under development. It’s launching this year on the Nintendo Switch, and we hope to hear and see more of it shortly. In 2021, Hotel Barcelona will follow by Suda51 and Swery65 (Hidetaka Suehiro – Deadly Premonition).

Source: VG247

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