Killzone: Mercenary: Servers Shut Down Without Any Warning

Sony Interactive Entertainment didn’t even alert us about them planning to shut the portable Killzone: Mercenary game’s servers down – they just did it out of nowhere.

Eurogamer reported about what they found on Reddit. Remember the PlayStation Vita? It’s already a dead handheld, mainly due to it not getting much traction in the West, while in Japan, it had respectable sales. One of its best games is Killzone: Mercenary. (It was released in September 2013, and it was developed by Guerrilla Cambridge. This studio previously created the MediEvil series, and it was shut down in January 2017.)

„I was on the support chat with Sony when I saw this post. I asked the representative, and he checked internally and confirmed they were shut down,” one comment said. We tend to inform you if some games on PlayStation platforms are about to face the death of their respective online components. In this case, Sony didn’t even post a tweet, saying hey, we are going to shut the servers down on this and this day, and we apologize for any inconvenience. Nope, nothing, which is unfair for both the PlayStation Vita users and those who still played Killzone: Mercenary online! Sony should have respected the Vita by giving the users a warning before they pulled the trigger.

Sure, the dev team hasn’t existed for over three years by now, it is no excuse for Sony Interactive Entertainment to provide the usual server shutdown warning. They turned them off this weekend (probably on MAy 29?). We don’t expect them to keep everything online for decades, but they deserve the critique for closing them in such a disrespectful manner.

It’s a question of time when we’ll see PlayStation 4 games lose online. Hell, even DriveClub has lost its online components already.

Source: PSU

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