Why Is DriveClub Disappearing? Here’s The Official Explanation!

DriveClub was initially meant to be a PlayStation 4-launch title (it didn’t happen…), and it will bid farewell shortly. We now know why…

DriveClub, DriveClub VR, and DriveClub Bikes‘ story were discussed a few days ago – they will be gone from the PlayStation Store by September 1, and the servers will all be shut down by April 1. Paul Rustchynsky, the former director of the franchise, explained on Twitter why the games’ story – aside from the offline play – will be ending:

„To be clear, the game, like most racing games, it is being delisted for licensing reasons. It’s standard practice across the industry for ~5yr deals, so buy it before it’s gone forever. Deals will vary game to game and with different manufacturers. It is possible to get longer deals or extend them, but the cost of licensing cars shouldn’t be underestimated,” Rustchynsky said. (He was previously at Evolution Studios, which got shut down.) What about the servers? Why do they need to be shut down? „Well the servers are a different matter, the sale of the item is what gets restricted after the agreed terms expire. Servers will just be a business decision,” he added.

Source: WCCFTech

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