Warner Bros. files ‘Suicide Squad’ and ‘Gotham Knights’ for video games

After confirming an event, Warner registers two brands of games that could be those of Rocksteady Studios and Warner Bros. Games Montreal.

As the deadline approaches, Warner Bros. Games is preparing game announcements for the DC FanDome, titles that you will understand, will revolve around the superheroes and villains of the team competing at Marvel.

As players scrutinize every single rumor about Rocksteady Studios (Batman: Arkham Asylum to Batman: Arkham Knight, Batman: Arkham VR) and Warner Bros. Games Montreal (Batman: Arkham Origins), Warner Bros. was taken hand in the bag by registering the brands and domain names “Suicide Squad” as well as “Gotham Knights” for games recently (June 16 and 19) ). A discovery of the Resetera forums.

The “Gotham Knights” (formerly “Batman Arkham Legacy”) which would put the Batfamily and the Court of Owls at the heart of the experience, and whose logo we may have seen at WB Games Montreal, would belong to the studio named. The Court of the Owls seems acquired given the number of rumors above especially as Scott Snyder, the author of recent comics, would have dropped the piece on Twitter.

The term Knights could also refer to a dimension or a co-cop mode, where we imagine the possibility of alternating members of the Batfamily, but there, it is a simple theory based on corridor noises .

As for the second brand, the Suicide Squad game could ultimately be designed by Rocksteady Studios. However, we do not know if the project corresponds to that which was previously in development at WB Games Montreal according to Jason Schreier.

Note that a few days ago, Imra Khan, journalist for Game Informer, said he heard that Rocksteady was indeed on a Suicide Squad game, which if we cross-check with previous rumors, could be a Game As A Service .

Source: Resetera, Jeux Video Live

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