Fable, Perfect Dark: Updates Around The Twitter Accounts

Microsoft is planning something, but not with both IPs, it seems.

Yesterday, we discussed how two Microsoft IPs, namely Fable and Perfect Dark, showed up with placeholder names. Aaron Greenberg, the general manager of Xbox’ marketing, quickly responded by saying it’s common to protect social media handles for the IPs and that we shouldn’t wait for the announcements. We already had our doubts due to the registration date for both accounts (@fable and @PerfectDarkGame).

„I created this account after hearing about the @fable one and noticed Perfect Dark didn’t have one. Shortly after I received a follow request from Ken Lobb to which I accepted, I doubt if they didn’t have something in the works he wouldn’t have sent a follow. After accepting Ken’s follow I sent him a message saying that if you need the handle I’d be happy to give it up, I am still waiting for a reply. I never thought it would reach [Aaron]Greenberg. Sorry to disappoint everyone I’m just a normal guy who got the handle,” the user behind the Perfect Dark account, wrote.

The Verge’s Tom Warren has the same train of thought we had: „Microsoft has confirmed the accounts are genuine, but says they’ve been inactive for years and it’s standard IP protection. But one was registered in March 2020 and the other in June 2020. hmm, the plot thickens. It looks like @PerfectDarkGame was created by a fan recently, and a Microsoft employee was the first to spot it and follow it. The Fable one appears to be the genuine one Microsoft references as IP protection. What a wild ride!”

It’d be such a twist if the Perfect Dark Twitter account is also owned by Microsoft, and this is just a ploy to make us believe they are doing nothing with this IP until they reveal this game in July. The same goes for the Xbox Series S, which we mentioned recently a few times.

Source: WCCFTech

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