Crysis in crisis: CryTek delays its launch and the issuance of the gameplay trailer scheduled for today

The studio is looking for additional time to improve the game after seeing the response to its leaked material.

When the date and gameplay of one of their games are leaked to a studio, it is easy for them to go into crisis mode. And while CryTek have a lot of experience with Crysis , recent Crysis Remastered leaks have led them to make a decision: they’re going to delay the release date by a few weeks, along with the issuance of the gameplay trailer for the game they were going to have. place this afternoon.

In an official statement via Twitter, the study explains this sudden decision, prompted by the opinions of fans after the recently leaked gameplay trailer was published on the networks : “your passion for the Crysis saga deserves a game with undeniable high quality , and we promise to give you just that. To make sure we deliver on that commitment, we need to postpone the release date (on all platforms) and the trailer premiere for a few weeks. As they have already started, reservations on Switch will remain open , but the other platforms will be delayed too. ”

“The features you’ve been waiting for are already ready,” says the studio, “but we want to take time to polish the game . You may be aware of yesterday’s leak, and we want to let you know this: we’ve seen all the reactions , the Good and bad, and we are listening to you! […] The extra time until the premiere will allow us to raise Crysis Remastered to the leading [technical] standard of PC and console expected from Crysis games “.

” We hope you understand what we do, and that you stay with us as we take this time to make a few improvements. Stay tuned, and we’ll put this game in your hands as soon as possible,” the study concludes. In addition to the trailer and images on the Switch, what was the game’s release date was recently leaked : July 23. With this announcement, it seems that we will have to wait a few more weeks to enjoy Crysis Remastered, the return of a game so ambitious that it is still spoken of the immense technical milestone that it was at the time .

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