Microsoft Announces Its Summer Game Fest Event

The Microsoft Summer Game Fest event will take place from July 21 to 27, and will allow testing titles still on the way for the console.


Microsoft has big things in store this month with its July Xbox Series X event, though it looks like that won’t be its only major July date with gamers. This afternoon, the Redmond company has announced a new event focused on Xbox One as part of the current Summer Game Fest, with up to 100 game demos ready to play for free for a week.

As it sounds, the ‘Summer Game Fest Demo Event’ on Xbox will take place from July 21 to 27, an event where players will be able to try “more than 60 completely new demos of Xbox games still unpublished”, all directly from the console interface. Although the current figure is more than 60 games, the catalog is not yet closed, and on Microsoft’s website, they assure that in total there will be between 75 and 100 demos available.


Now, the company points out that some of these demos will correspond to “very early” versions of the games, so their developers will polish and improve them for their future release, although in their current state they will offer a good look at the experience. of each game. As for the titles available to try, Microsoft has kept the secret with most of the games, although it has already released some of the names available during the festival:


  • Crystals
  • Destroy All Humans!
  • Haven
  • Hellpoint
  • Skatebird
  • The Vale: Shadow of the Crown
  • Raiji: An Ancient Epic
  • Welcome to Elk


All the demos of the event, both these up here and those that will be announced soon, can only be enjoyed during the week of July 21 to 27, and after this period they will no longer appear on the console interface. It is curious that Microsoft announces this event for July 21 just when several sources assure that the Xbox Series X event would take place around July 20 . We’ll see what the company’s up to…

We’ll be here to inform you.

Source: 3DJuegos

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