Nintendo rules out potential competition with PlayStation and Xbox

While Sony and Microsoft are battling on the technical aspects, Nintendo will bet on “fun only”.

Nintendo wants to extend as much as possible the life cycle of the still growing Nintendo Switch.

Statements from Nintendo executives continue to emerge during the company’s 80th General Shareholders’ Meeting held on June 26. In this sense, a document with several questions and answers in Japanese has now been issued, translated into English by DualShockers, in which key weights of those from Kyoto affirm that their philosophy focused on creating fun proposals is maintained in the company’s plans by on top of designing high-performance hardware.

“We develop our consoles thinking about how to make the software we offer our customers fun instead of betting on higher specifications,”

said Ko Shiota,

CEO of Nintendo Platform Technology Development in the talk. “Thanks to Nintendo Switch, new forms of interaction between machine and users have been discovered. We see them all the time on social networks, with videos in which we find entire families playing in company. This makes us realize the value of our consoles, and it’s something we will keep in mind when we tackle the development of future consoles, “he said at first glance to the next generation.

This does not mean that Nintendo has already begun much less seriously profile its next generation. In this sense, during this same talk, Shuntaro Furukawa, president and CEO of the company, declared that they want to extend as much as possible the life cycle of the current Nintendo Switch.

“Nintendo Switch is in its fourth year and its popularity continues to increase. We consider that two factors explain their success. First, we have two different hardware bets, Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite; second, it is the fact of having only one platform [referring to the division between laptop and desktop before] on which to focus software development resources. We want to make the most of these factors and extend the life cycle of Nintendo Switch as much as we can, “said Shuntaro Furukawa.

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