This is Manor Lords, a medieval city builder with large-scale military battles

The game is coming to PC this fall in early access format.

Have you ever dreamed of creating your own medieval city from scratch? And defend it from neighbouring kingdoms that threaten it? Chances are not, but if the answer was yes, Manor Lords would be just what you would be looking for. This weekend, the Slavic Magic studio, formed by a single developer, has announced this proposal that combines the management aspects of a city ​​builder with the medieval strategy in real-time in the style of Total War.

Starting with the management aspects first, Manor Lords seeks to offer players an organic city-building experience. That instead of offering a grid marked on the map to structure the city with a certain order, the buildings are placed in a more natural and immersive way, simulating the appearance of the towns and the real roads of the time, a little like in the Tropico saga, saving distances. There will be aspects of micromanagement when ploughing fields, managing land control or producing products with which to trade.

There will also be a system of stations with different weather conditions, as well as events such as famines, droughts or wars that will greatly affect the health of your kingdom. And since we mentioned wars, it’s time to talk about the strategy part. As you can see in the Manor Lords presentation trailer, the game will feature large-scale battles with medieval armies ready to fight. On its Steam page, the developer promises that there will be moral and flanking systems, different formations to employ, cavalry and siege units, fortifications on the map, and everything you would expect from such a proposal.

Now when can this be played? Well, Manor Lords will be available this fall for PC, on a date yet to be determined, and an Early Access format. That is early access to the game in a preliminary version without all the content implemented, to enjoy the game during its final stages of development. If it catches your attention, and you want more realistic medieval adventures, we leave you here with the analysis of Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Source: 3djuegos

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