PlayStation 5: A Survey Leaks Possible Pricing?

Sony‘s console might cost less than what we expected.

On Reddit, a post surfaced that talks about a survey, mentioning the possible price of the PlayStation 5. It’s worth talking about it as the pricing strategy that we heard until now might have been changed: the price is lower than 499 dollars in Nielsen’s survey (no, not related to Leslie Nielsen, the late actor…), and it seems to have mentioned a far too exact price.

They asked the participants if they would be comfortable with spending 435 dollars for the PlayStation 5 Standard Edition, while the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition that will come with no Blu-ray drive might cost 323 dollars. Until now, we suspected a 499/399 pricing strategy for these two consoles respectively. The price gap between the two might have increased, which would benefit those who don’t have much money for a new console, although they’d have to sacrifice reselling their used physical copies of games to get access to the next console generation.

The PlayStation 5 Digital Edition would skip the manufacturing and distributing costs of the games’ physical copies, as the customers would have to buy the games from the PlayStation Network (potentially for the same price), but how bad will they miss out on physical copies’ discounts? However, Sony would gain back the loss from manufacturing via digital sales.

We should be suspicious: the post got removed on Reddit, so the PlayStation 5 might not launch with this price – still, if it’s cheaper than 499 or 399 dollars, Sony could be pulling a good move here. Eurogamer’s Tom Phillips claims that they held back a few first-party (Sony Interactive Entertainment) and third-party titles in the June announcements, and he believes we’ll see them announced in August in a State of Play.

At that point, they should reveal the pricing, too.

Source: GameRant

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