Advertisement-Packed Games On The New PlayStation VR?

The unwanted spam might get a new meaning in the virtual reality space.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has filed a patent in 2018 at the USPTO in America. However, it was published just recently, and Segment Next has found this patent.

This image might explain it all, but if it doesn’t, let’s quote the abstract: „A line-of-sight direction detection detects a direction of a line of sight of a user wearing a head-mounted display. A main image generation section generates the first image regarding the main content selected by the user as an item to be displayed on the head-mounted display. A display control section causes the head-mounted display to display a second image regarding content different from the main content for promoting recognition of a given thing or service together with the first image. The display control section controls a manner in which the second image is displayed on the head-mounted display per the direction of the user’s line of sight.”

Sony used an example of a concert with several performers. The technology would notice which performer is the one that gets our attention, and then, we’d get an advertisement „following the performer of interest.” They believe that it is a „new marketing technique,” which makes it possible that advertisements are displayed in both virtual realities and augmented reality (AR) spaces. Sony argues that at the moment, there is no effective method of displaying additional content (or ads) in VR and AR spaces, and this technology would like to solve the issue.

Sony hasn’t announced the new PlayStation VR yet, but remember what they previously said: they don’t want to ignore VR, so the new console might be getting a new VR headset as well that wouldn’t be outdated as the current one. It might keep up the pace with the Valve Index for example.

Source: PSL

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