What would The Last of Us 2 look like at 60 fps? A player has made a video comparison [VIDEO]

The video has been created through an editing program that allows 60 fps.

Since its arrival on the market, The Last of Us Part II has been a smashing success on the sales charts. The new Naughty Dog continues to grow after its expected launch on PlayStation 4, and promises to continue this pace for several more weeks.

We’ve previously seen some video comparisons that showed us what the sequel to The Last of Us looked like during its announcement at E3 2018 and the game’s bottom line. This time, ElAnalistaDeBits’ YouTube channel shows us what the game would look like running at 60 fps instead of 30.

The video has been produced using an editing program, as its author specifies at the beginning of it. However, some of his followers claim not to notice too much difference between one strip and another.

The Last of Us team is going to take a break after the game’s long development; however Naughty Dog is already looking for staff for a new video game, and we know it will be a single player title. What will be next from the creators of Joel and Ellie? For the moment, we can only wait for new news and enjoy his latest work. Find out more about her in the analysis of The Last of Us Part II of theGeek.

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