Epic Games ensures that the praise for PS5 has no relation to the million-dollar investment of PlayStation

The executive suggests that the demo of Unreal Engine 5 left Sony very satisfied.

Following the introduction of the Unreal Engine 5 running on PlayStation 5, the director of Epic Games raved about for the new Sony console, and now that the Japanese company has announced a multi-million dollar investment in the studio after Fortnite, players have found all the compliments and good words suspicious that both companies have dedicated themselves in recent weeks. In this situation, Tim Sweeney has assured that the negotiations on the eventual investment did not come until after the presentation of the graphics engine.

“There is no secret pact,” Sweeney said in May, in a tweet that a user rescued to question him. “Yes, that’s what I said in May. The serious investment discussions came after the Unreal Engine 5 demo we featured on PlayStation 5. I guess you liked it!”, clarified the manager yesterday.

In May, Sweeney assured that the architecture of the PS5 SSD disk “is world-class”, and that it was not only “the best of its kind in console, but also the best of any platform.”, Among other things. that Sony’s substantial investment in Epic Games does not involve an exclusivity pact for studio games, but it did turn the Japanese company into a minority shareholder, in a pact that supposedly will go beyond video games, and involved the not inconsiderable sum of 250 million dollars.

That said, Tencent was one of the company’s first big investors, and Epic Games would now be valued at more than $ 15 billion.

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