God Of War’s Original Director Speaks Up Against The Console War

Via The Last of Us Part II, the comment wars continue between those who like Naughty Dog‘s game and those who don’t.

Previously, there were some tweet exchanges between David Jaffe, the original director of God of War on PlayStation 2 and Cory Barlog, 2018’s PlayStation 4-exclusive God of War (which is going to get a sequel – Sony Interactive Entertainment Santa Monica kept the door open for this reason, and we previously wrote how Barlog planned with multiple titles to cover the story).

If we had to recap the story in a few words, we’d say that Jaffe and Barlog have each other’s back. Let’s see what Jaffe wrote on Twitter: „I deleted my tweet where (God forbid!) I expressed some love about ANY other game maker besides Sony. I forgot that was unacceptable and opens me up to a bunch of f___ing 30-year-old stunted men wanting to go to the mat with ‘console war’ debates. God, I sometimes hate game culture.” Unacceptable for those hardcore PlayStation fanboys who don’t have a liberal mindset. (No, not in a political way. Before you grab your keyboard in anger, perhaps learn what the word means.)

Let’s not forget that Jaffe isn’t the type of person that holds himself back. A few days ago, he said that if you don’t like a game, then don’t buy it, as the power of a customer is huge, even if they have only this one towards a game. However, he did write it in a somewhat blunt manner to get his point across.

Barlog responded to Jaffe’s tweet: „That sucks, sorry Dave. I love playing games on my PlayStation, my Xbox, my [Nintendo] Switch, and my way too expensive PC. Screw the console war nonsense.”

There’s no better way to close it than say that it’s not the best idea to fanboy over something or someone – you need to point the flaws out as nothing and nobody is perfect.

Source: Twitter

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